[permaculture] OT Re: the gardener's shadow falls both ways

Lee Flier leeflier at comcast.net
Sun Dec 13 19:20:58 EST 2009

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
>  Here's some real OT for you...
> Seems I have heard of the Seth thing somewhere so I Googled it:
> Lots of interesting references in Wikipedia and this one from
> Encyclopedia Mythica
> http://www.pantheon.org/articles/s/seth.html
> Seth: "ancient Egyptian god of chaos, the embodiment of hostility and 
> even of outright evil"

Yeah, but that's not the Seth that Frances was referring to.

The title that was recommended was one of these books:


'Seth is the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher who spoke 
through the author Jane Roberts while she was in trance, and coined the 
phrase "*You Create Your Own Reality.*" Seth's empowering message 
literally launched the New Age movement.'

More about Jane Roberts here:

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