[permaculture] East Bay Rules!

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Sun Dec 13 19:01:21 EST 2009

Just for the record, the course I witnessed in Costa Rica was done with a 
variety of local people as a talent base to round out the offerings.
I did pick up a certain thread bareness in certain areas of knowledge and 
awareness*, but there was also a great deal of sincerity and certainly none 
of the white shoe crowd.
I was fortunate in Costa Rica to find a place to be that was very genuine 
and long lived.
We also met people who were buying up land in order to sell and profit, but 
that's another story.  No, not really, we did not give it our focus in the 


*This all points to the idea that there is lots of call for truly 
experienced, trained, knowledgeable, and devoted permaculturists!

 I class these folks with the creeps in
> Costa Rica offering a PD course without any credentials or proper
> background in the field. I noticed on the Costa Rica organization's
> website a big section on Costa Rica and all important policies and laws
> governing land purchase for absentee landowners and all the lucrative
> opportunities available, no doubt, to their PD course clients,
> some well-intentioned anticipating a real course in the practice of
> permaculture. Those folks are real estate industry people from the US.


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