[permaculture] East Bay Rules!

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 13 18:39:16 EST 2009

Patrick wrote:
> http://www.bassett.tv/inspiration/the-urban-homestead
> This video of Bay Area urban farming folks is pretty adorable/well done.

Is there any way to view this nice video?
Why didn't those folks make their own video and upload it to You Tube 
instead of getting conned into letting the incompetent morons at
"basset.tv" take credit for their work. I was able to get it to play 
once then it completely locked up and never came back. I suppose they 
wanted me to put money in the slot like a pay toilet to get it to play 
properly so I could view it normally. It is so disapointing to see good 
permaculture resources wasted on sleazy commercial websites like that.
Yes, they certainly are spreading the good word, in their "inspiration" 
section yet, i.e. not to do business with them. From their "products" 
page: ethnographies, managed online communities, mindswarms, brand 
strategy. What a joke. I think the brand strategy is key to what they 
are really all about. These are the "white shoes" crowd who would try to 
get into the world of permaculture for profit, ignoring everything 
important about it, instead using the opportunity to sell something 
unrelated rather than teaching. I class these folks with the creeps in 
Costa Rica offering a PD course without any credentials or proper 
background in the field. I noticed on the Costa Rica organization's 
website a big section on Costa Rica and all important policies and laws 
governing land purchase for absentee landowners and all the lucrative 
opportunities available, no doubt, to their PD course clients,
some well-intentioned anticipating a real course in the practice of 
permaculture. Those folks are real estate industry people from the US.

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