[permaculture] the gardener's shadow falls both ways

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Sun Dec 13 17:19:41 EST 2009

May I recommend a title, then?
The Magical Approach
Seth speaks about the art of Creative Living
Highly enjoyable if only for a reminder of being aside from the 
productive/measuring aspects...
A reminder to slow down and notice...

I was composing this note, and paused for other things...
Didn't even realize I had left it 'hanging'.
Meanwhile, another post came in from Pat talking about 'nudgings'.
A wonderful process that reminds me of that state of 'not doing' that 
Fukuoka communicates so beautifully.
But, as Pat is witness to, no description so beautiful as in the 
experiencing of this state.
When we free ourselves up from the worldly concerns that make us merely 
'busy', we begin to observe and respond, thus entering an entirely different 

PDC's occur in 'real time' with a bunch of people in physical presence.
Lists do not.  Here, we communicate from the comfort of our own homes.
It's only natural that there be variation in purpose as to what a list can 
In my mind, it's a perfect space for sharing the most particular of 
No one is obligated to read my post, or agree with me, or subject themselves 
to my point of view in any way.
On the other hand, the wealth of sharing, the community of support, that an 
individual can achieve through a list are worth encouraging.
In my mind, such particularized articulations can provide the very apex of 
literary experience, reading from one another's articulations of that which, 
truly surpasses articulation.

My own experience is that the net can bring this kind of individualized 
network to people, thus strengthening their resolve, focusing their 
awareness, and enhancing their efforts. All this in addition to learning 
from, and 'getting to know' oneself and others better.


P.S. I hope we're all clear to Tripp's sharing his unique experiences ON 
list instead of OFF, because who knows what might come of it? In my mind, 
it's an adventure to find out!


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