[permaculture] the gardener's shadow falls both ways

Lee Flier leeflier at comcast.net
Sun Dec 13 16:21:35 EST 2009

I think possibly you misunderstood my meaning again, because from your 
other posts it sounds like we're in agreement.  I probably mis-stated 
this slightly.  What I mean is that many people treat "science" as an 
end in itself and not as a means to greater well being or 
"cultivation/perfection of the human being."  This results in a lot of 
very poor application of science.

Of course science is supposed to simply be pursuit of the truth, 
regardless whether it's something comforting to us or something we want 
to hear.  But scientific discovery is one thing and its application is 
another.  Too often the discoveries of someone simply seeking truth are 
funded and put into play by people with very "anti-human" agendas.

Tripp Tibbetts wrote:
> Lee Flier wrote:
>> Science is a means to an end, and if you don't have the end in mind - 
> "cultivation and perfection of human beings" or "care of the earth/care 
> of people," then you will practice very poor science.
> I could probably take you to task about this perception of science, but I liked where our conversation was headed before these last two addenda better, so I won't.

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