[permaculture] the gardener's shadow falls both ways

fdnokes at hotmail.com fdnokes at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 13 16:17:57 EST 2009

The more we talk, the more I find commonality between us.
It's good to dialogue and get beyond our 'assumptions'.
Marshall Rosenberg, of Non Violent Communication, and a personal hero of 
mine (whom I have never met) says, that he can help to solve any conflict in 
20-30 minutes AFTER each side has successfully paraphrased the needs of the 

Be well,

P.S. There are many generalities in your words (as likely there are in 
It might be worthwhile to flesh out some of these generalities at some 

P.P.S.  I reread my post as it came in, and edited does not create community 
to does not necessarily create community, but community is never a 
guarantee, is it? It's always rather complex, like a square inch of soil!

P.P.S. If we can see the dialogue as the end, then I think we're okay. We've 
pushed each other to self express, self witness, and reflect a little more. 

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