[permaculture] the gardener's shadow falls both ways

Lee Flier leeflier at comcast.net
Sun Dec 13 15:11:03 EST 2009

Oh, forgot to address this part.

Tripp Tibbetts wrote:
> So I'll be sure to add that question to my interview of possible PDC instructors.  If you have a religious conviction that the deep and interconnected weavings of permaculture have nothing to do with spirit, then I think I'll pass.
Permaculture aspires to work for anybody, regardless of their belief 
system, and that includes both atheists and people who subscribe to an 
organized religion.  That doesn't mean at all that permaculture and 
spirituality are mutually exclusive, it just means that it can't matter 
what any of its practitioners' spiritual leanings are, or are not.

> I have to say the speed with which this door keeps getting pushed closed is really interesting.
I think you need to understand that there are good reasons it gets 
pushed closed.  The number of people who've been alienated and turned 
off from permaculture altogether because their experience of it was
one where they felt forced to engage with beliefs/activities that 
contradicted their own religious, spiritual, or scientific 
understanding, is staggering.

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