[permaculture] the gardener's shadow falls both ways

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No, I suppose it's not. But I'll retain my wonderful memories of our Costa 
Rican host having us contemplate each species while finding purpose in our 
souls before harvesting plants for a salve, and in so many other ways 
encouraging a positive relationship between ourselves and the plants.  Her 
attitude was that if you weren't happy, she did not want to have you working 
in the garden. Plants have feelings too, and important for humans working 
with them to tune themselves to give their best...  Fukuoka's oft quoted 
line: "The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the 
cultivation and perfection of human beings."
What's a life for?
I feel I'm drifting far off your 'practicality' meter.
But, it's been fun!
Personally, I don't want to be near people who are working drudgefully... At 
one of our stops, helping out on a retreat, some folks had recently turned 
their attentions elsewhere, and, interestingly, the common garden still 
carried that feeling of bored stiff duty...
I'm not sure I would want to listen to someone spinning out their versions 
of these stories if I paid for a PDC, but I sure would be fussy about who I 
would have teaching me!
At 57, I'm not jumping into coursework all to often. I've mainly resigned 
myself to the school of life. I spend much time serving to others as allies 
in their lives in coursework.
Have to admit, though, all this talk has me embarking on a little research 
to see what's around locally in the way of PDC's. A friend of mine almost 
took a course this summer, a bit down island from here, and I've already put 
a call in to her to see what she knows/plans to do... Also interested in 
hearing more about on line course offerings as those are more liberated 
geographically speaking. I would be interested in hearing about any on line 
pdc course within the NW Pacific area.


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> I completely agree!
> It's just not something I would teach in a PDC.
> fdnokes at hotmail.com wrote:
>> The intimacy of people with plants is something of particular value. And 
>> yes
>> there is a conversation.
>> And it's in the hear and now...
>> Mainly, it's a willingness to listen to plants.
>> To 'see' plants.
>> And, it's a great cure for those whose hearts have been broken by the
>> standardizing forces of society...
>> The gardener's shadow falls both ways!
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