[permaculture] Thoughts on PDCs - Was US National Permaculture Conference (lengthy post)

Tripp Tibbetts slowfoodguy at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 12 13:29:07 EST 2009

>Tripp, I'm sorry you apparently took my comments so personally.  I was 
>simply sharing my experience, for what it's worth.  As with all things, 
>others' mileage may differ and that's fine because that's the way the 
>world is.  I think it certainly is possible for someone to understand 
>permaculture without a PDC, but thus far that has not been the ordinary 
>way this happens.
Your experience is worth a lot, Robert, and I'm glad you shared it.  I apologize if what I said seemed like a personal attack on you.  That wasn't my intention.  I was just thinking about that pace of evolution article, and your experience, timing-wise, seemed to fit the model described in the piece.  Nothing more.
I completely understand the desire of the permaculture community to keep the bozos from infiltrating and passing off a B or C tier version of the most beautiful systems approach to the world I've ever come across.  No doubt this is going on in some places, and will probably increase in frequency as the masses migrate toward promise.  And that is indeed unfortunate.  But I can assure you I'm not one of the bozos, and couldn't imagine trying to teach a "subject" that turns my perception of the world on its ear just about every week.  Sometimes daily.  One of these years, when/if that becomes a less frequent occurrance, maybe I'll try to find the words to explain it to a group of newcomers.  Until that time, rest assured that I will be a student, nose down and mind open, in the greatest paradigm shift our species has ever witnessed.  I wouldn't trade this period of human history for any other!
I learn so much from the dialogue on this list every day, and I sincerely hope I get to meet some of you one of these days.  In the meantime I remain...
Respectfully yours,
Tripp Tibbetts

Growing pains always attend greater stature.



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