[permaculture] Sedore stove?

Stephen Sherman spsherm at msn.com
Fri Dec 11 13:03:55 EST 2009

Had not heard of these stoves before, but I'll offer my impressions from 
looking at their site:

1. Seems that they do not have EPA rating yet. I would wait for that to 
happen or not, as it will confirm the stove's output and how cleanly it 
really burns. All their claims are "nice" but unless it can be proven in 
a test it's just hype. Also in my area, you can't legally use a stove 
that is not EPA certified, and if you plan on breathing the air around 
your house you probably don't want to either.

2. I would want to get some BTU/hr output numbers from them. Again the 
number of square feet heated is at best a guess. It very much depends 
upon the climate, and the energy efficiency of the house, etc. Heating a 
tight well insulated 3000sg ft in Louisiana  is not the same as heating 
an old, drafty one it in Montana. With the BTU/hr numbers, you can  
calculate how well this stove will do for your house's needs.

3. One concern I have  (about all big stoves designed to take a large 
wood load) is how well they will burn with a small fire. In my climate, 
there is frequently a need for a small fire, two or three 1/4 split 
logs; I would be concerned that a large stove like this may not work 
well with small fires. If this is a need for your situation, you should 
check into it.


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