[permaculture] Permaculture Wikis

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 10 18:56:20 EST 2009

mIEKAL aND wrote:
> I'm curious how many other folks on the list would be up to putting  
> content in the wiki?  A wiki is one of the best examples of a  
> permaculture garden in the digital world and people's contribution  
> easily get compounded as people interact with the information.

This makes two of us. What  about Paul Cereghino? others whose work is 
already in the existing wiki? I mentioned sticky notes before. A wiki 
would be a great lace to have a library of these along with various FAQs 
and maybe even a new Permaculture FAQ.

> A wiki is a social environment so it isn't well suited to only a  
> couple people saturating it with a specific viewpoint (& personally  
> wouldn't be that interesting to contribute to).   I also put a bunch  
> of work into the previous permaculture wiki installation only to have  
> it disappear without saving all the data so stability is key.

I assume your data went missing on permaculture.info. Maybe searching 
the history of those pages would reveal your entries which you could 
bring forward to update the page(s) with. One thing for sure is that
anonymous editing of pages needs to end and even login accounts need to 
be approved to prevent spammers and hackers. How soon we can get this 
done I am not sure but I am doing what I can to make this happen.

> Hopefully images, pdfs, etc  are being loaded to the same server when  
> possible.  It really becomes difficult to maintain integrity if they  
> are all linked to other sites on the net that may disappear at anytime.

> I've worked in wikis for probably 10 years so it's a very comfortable  
> environment for me.  There is a small learning curve but the more  
> experienced people can easily get some one track. That said, I really  
> do think this is the way to go.  It should also be designed to easily  
> generate pdfs which can then be distributed electronically or printed  
> from.

Uploads are allowed and pdf's can be downloaded.

A wiki is perfect for building collections of often accessed 
information, Q&A, FAQs, sticky notes, etc. Its a simple data storage and 
retrieval resource with many features making it globally searchable
and it can be integrated with other blogs and wikis simply with embedded 
linking. RSS feeds, an attached blog and attached forums can be added 
and would be essential.


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