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Robert Waldrop bwaldrop at cox.net
Thu Dec 10 11:18:14 EST 2009

As people find, start, or know about other wikis, a simple thing to do 
would be to add an article about the wiki in the resource section, as 
well as of course establishing links to permaculture.info from their own 
websites/blogs, etc. 

Bob Waldrop, Okie City

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
> grifenhope at gmail.com wrote:
>> How can we integrate The caordic Institute wiki with all The other PC wikis and earth Action mentor etc?  
> One way is to extensively embed links to all those other wikis from 
> ours, external links just like ones going anywhere else, just like the 
> Wikipedia. That's the simple way. The Semantic Web offers a different 
> way of integrating related individual web resources. A quick and useful 
> for doing this is through the use of collections of Google Custom Search 
> Engines, and this is a great tool.
> LL
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