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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 9 22:35:25 EST 2009

Andrew McSwain wrote:

> In the mean time I think that it's even better still to take this group and
> create a wiki or something.. some sort of collaborative database that takes
> all of the rediscovered regional folk-knowledge and ingenious techniques and
> compiles them in one place that anyone in the world can easily access and
> draw from.
>  If someone hasn't already done it, we should do it within the month.
> Websites are cheap to run and wiki's don't consume a lot of bandwidth. This
> could be up in a month easily.
> Does anyone here have experience with wikis and social networking
> technologies?

Several attempt to create an interactive online permaculture database
have resulted in the creation of http://permaculture.info,
a MediaWiki installation, same software that runs the Wikipedia.

There is a lot of information there already and I am personally 
interested in helping to put this project back on in focus, fuel up and 
head where the tracks may lead.

Scott Pittman wrote:
 > And what is a national conference if not centralized??
 > I think that the example of carbon offsets and pumping money into 
banks to
 > create jobs are both examples of how our culture scams us into 
 > in a game of making the top earners in this culture stay on top.
 > That we could easily set up a website with database for the whole 
world to
 > access in a month is a total pipedream. And I mean a pop the magic dragon
 > pipedream.
 > And to then ask for someone else to step up to the plate and create this
 > dream is beyond the pale.

Of course, this has already been done, except that it is a wiki and not 
a database (which would take a long time to set up):


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