[permaculture] Open Source Crop Planning Software!

christophe mckeon gonzalez de leon chromatophore at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 19:48:45 EST 2009

> Are you going to donate?

he already has donated. he alerted a potentially
large user-base about an open software project.
that's free advertising that they would never have
gotten following a closed model. with more users
comes more interest from programmers who can
then contribute to the code base to improve the
software. they can only do so because the software
is open. with improvements there is more interest
from new users, and so on. the snow-ball effect
ensures many users, some of whom will want first
class support, and hence donate.

that is the business model they are following.
users who do not donate are still incredibly valuable
to them as evan has just demonstrated.


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