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From: Cylia Wong <cylia at telus.net>
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Hi there:

I am a member of Cedar Cottage Garden, My Own Backyard garden, Earthsave
Canada and the Vancouver Permaculture Meetup Group. Through my affiliation
with the permaculture meetup group, I became interested in Bill Mollison's
theory and concepts and recently completed my PDC in October 2009.  Now I am
working with my garden group and the permaculture meetup group to apply
permaculture principles to a small area which will be an orchard/forest
garden as part of Cedar Cottage Garden.

In close proximity to the proposed garden orchard is a triangle of land.
That triange is right beside a heavily trafficked road.  I am looking for
info on Bill Mollison's reference "anywhere within 75 meters of any road
where more than 1,100 vehicles travel per day are heavily leaded."  I took
this statement from circa 1983 audio tapes of Mollison which I am

I would like to ask others if they have any info on this subject as it is a
possible safety and health issue for the garden.  May I have membership and
access to your group?

I am keen on educating others on the benefits of permaculture. I believe
collectively and individually we each make a difference.  Thank you for your

Cylia T. Wong

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