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ossi ossi at kulma.net
Wed Dec 9 15:09:45 EST 2009

This one ?


> Grifen, do you have a link?
> On Dec 9, 2009, at 12:46 PM, grifenhope at gmail.com wrote:
>> Theré ís also The caórdic Permaculture Institute wiki in englísh and
spanish, with an impresive list of collaborators. This ís probably a
good space to have conversatíoñs aboút our internatíonal protocols like
the pdc requierment and curriculum, and ís a likely cándidate for a
global admin of the new proposed multilingual diploma  of áppliéd PC
design systém being worked on by earth Action mentor, Gaia university
and co, including us here in chile through the new chileno PC
Institute. The caordic PC institute ís a neutral place free of many of
the trappings of other "institutes" where we may be able to develop /
agree on a refreshed pdc currículum, and diploma protocols etc in
collaboratión leáding up to ipc 10. And perhaps we can look towards
other issues like clarifying our global consensus, and sketching out
our global léarning commúnity or académy as bill imagined it way back.
We might do well to work out who ís The
>> Permaculture Institute(s). Time for ís to move, ás The péndulim has!
Love from chile, Grifen sorry aboút The accents and spellíng!

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