[permaculture] permaculture wiki

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Wed Dec 9 11:57:09 EST 2009

> Websites are cheap to run and wiki's don't consume a lot of bandwidth. This
> could be up in a month easily.
> Does anyone here have experience with wikis and social networking
> technologies?

This probably isn't a fit for what you are thinking, but ....
permies.com is about to push forward a wiki of sorts.  Some of the
permies folks wanted a place to distill some threads so that a person
wouldn't have to pour through a really long discussion to get the best

The software appears to now be running.  We've spent a lot of time
fiddling with it.  And now we just need to start fiddling with the

As for experience in social networking.  Well .... this probably
doesn't count for what you are thinking of, but I've been running
on-line forum-like things for over 20 years (anybody here familiar
with BBS's and the like (the online thing before the internet)).

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