[permaculture] Double-dug?

Jacque Greenleaf jacque at book-woman.net
Tue Dec 8 00:22:56 EST 2009

Hi Frances, I'm in SW Washington state where we get about 25" of wet  
stuff annually, with dry summers.

Typically, we have wet springs, so a raised bed is good because the  
soil warms up and becomes workable sooner. People in the wetter areas  
to the west have issues with slugs/snails harboring in the sides of  
constructed raised beds. We are on a basalt plateau, drainage is not  
great and the soil is very shallow in spots, so raised beds were  
definitely the way to go for us.

So where are you?


On Dec 7, 2009, at 4:33 PM, <fdnokes at hotmail.com> wrote:

>> But then I live in a climate where raised beds are a good choice.  
>> They
>> also are not a one-size-fits-all tactic.
> I remembered to trim my post!
> I'm writing to ask which climate you are in.
> Someone suggested that it would be a good idea to include some  
> geographical
> notes with our submissions.
> Thanks!
> Frances
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