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Thank you again Scott.
I was thinking it was a good idea to hold a national conference-for about one day. Then I got to thinking about carbon and all those people flying in from everywhere.And then you reminded me how stressful those things can be to organize.
So, yah, National no-Regional YES!!
My thinking is that at our regional gatherings (the Southeastern one-yes, it is at Celo, NC-someone asked) we perhaps plan an extra day to talk about the subjects I mentioned (open source Wiki/pfaf kind of thing, Building a better designers manual, teaching skills, Large scale Permaculture, etc.)
Maybe ALL of the regional gatherings could put some thought into that and see what comes up...Also, since the digital age is here, maybe we can start thinking about those kinds of things here-serious thought to planning things like that (I know nothing about open-source or wikis but it seems like a very good move)...

As for the Costa Rica University...Oh, MY.  They are selling CONDOS! I did post to their board and ask who their teachers are.   :)

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I organized a national pc convergence in the late eighties which Michael
Pilarski as well as many others participated and it was one of the most
fractious and stressful events of my short, at that time, permaculture
career.  It was then that I realized that pc is a very anarchistic
phenomenon containing many diverse personalities and philosophies who
somehow maintain forward motion with an amazing degree of civility and
support but put them together in one room and watch out!!

I think that the regionals are sufficient to our needs right now and when
there is a real need for a national it will happen.  

As time goes on I am even more convinced that we need to protect our turf.
I recently received an email from the Permaculture University of Costa Rica
which has no one who has taken a permaculture course but is offering the PC
Design Course.  They were willing to pay me for certificates.  The white
shoe crowd has discovered permaculture and sees dollars there; unfortunately
some of the permaculture graduates have discovered and put on the white
shoes and belts and headed to Bahrain.

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute


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