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Mon Dec 7 16:37:23 EST 2009

Hi Amy,
Interesting question!
I'm Larry Saltzman's wife and new to the list.  As most of you  probably 
already know, Larry and I have a 1/3 acre permaculture backyard food  forest 
in Santa Barbara, California -- and borage is a welcome plant at our  house.  
I'm assuming you've long since discovered that the flowers are  delicious 
and can be used in many ways as any edible flower.  One neat  trick is to put 
one flower in each segment of your ice cube tray with water or  juice and 
when frozen add the resulting ice cubes to lemonade or other  drinks.  
I believe the leaves are also good raw, steamed or sauteed -- the  whole 
plant has a cucumber taste.  It also self-seeds nicely, which we  appreciate.
I'm afraid I don't know about the medicinal uses.
I'm looking forward to participating in the permaculture discussions.   
Larry and I took our PDC from Larry Santoyo in 2006. I'm a psychotherapist and  
specialize in "ecotherapy" (_www.ecotherapyheals.com_ 
(http://www.ecotherapyheals.com) ) and  "invisible systems" that involve psyche, community and 
culture. I'm also write a  regular column for The Huffington Post on 
ecotherapy, permaculture and  other green issues 
(_www.huffingtonpost.com/linda-buzzell_ (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/linda-buzzell) ).   I also manage a 
google group called "perma-psychology" that explores the  connections between 
permaculture and psychology.
Linda Buzzell, M.A., M.F.T.
Co-Editor, Ecotherapy:  Healing with Nature in Mind (Sierra Club Books, 
Founder,  International Association for Ecotherapy
Editor, Ecotherapy  News 

_www.ecotherapyheals.com_ (http://thoughtoffering.blogs.com/ecotherapy)  
Santa Barbara, California
(805) 563-2089  
lbuzzell at aol.com

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amylittle at hvc.rr.com writes:

Anyone  know food and/or medicinal use of Borage  leaves?

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