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I've only used the flowers for herbal oils and vinegars but here's what else
I found.... http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/b/borage66.html
http://www.holistic-herbalist.com/borago-officinalis.html Culinary Uses Of
Borago officinalis:

   1. Leaves of borage are *cooked with* cabbage and cauliflower.
   2. Chopped leaves of borage are *added to soups* after they are away from
   the oven. They add a great flavor.
   3. *Cake decorations* are done with candied flowers of borage by
   4. *Salads* and soups are garnished with young leaves and flowers of
   borage. Summer cocktails and other drinks are also garnished traditionally
   with leaves and flowers.
   5. Flowers of borage are dried to add *color to potpourri*.
   6. Boiling, frying and simmering would result in loss of borage fragrance
   7. In Germany, *sauces* prepared from herbs are very popular in summer.
   And we have many such sauces that are freshly prepared in summer and most of
   them contain herbs and

   8. *Green sauce* is made in Frankfurt and its ancient formula contains
   seven herbs - parsley, chervil, chives, cress, sorrel, burnet and borage.
   Lemon balm is a popular extra herb.
   9. Similar sauces and *pickles* are prepared in other parts of world with
   Borago officinalis and other herbs.

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> Anyone know food and/or medicinal use of Borage leaves?
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