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Denmarks Climate Justice Geopolitics: Shadow Banking Climate

Posted: 06 Dec 2009 12:07 PM PST

betting on apocalypse, how does it end ?

casino capitalism, with house Denmark holding many of the cards and being
the impartial fair host is hard. the ultimate arbitrage opportunity,

[image: climate

managing expectations is the news for the world in Copenhagen, but by the
sounds of reports of the bahaviour of the Danish government, according to
the global South, Denmarks independent, unbiased, fair and generoushost,

The Thirld World is being feed to the dog food of a failed official summit,
set-up to fail by rich countries who know that climate debt and world public
sentiment and distrust of capitalists is so bad, that if a newglobal
democractic climate architecture is institutionalised now in a democratic
general member assembly of all world nations, majority in the South, would
set-up at least a New Deal global-green Keynesianism that would of made the
eccentric econommist squirm in there business as usual reformism symbiotitic
with a growing disaster capitalism complex, with the military industrial the
new shadow player in climate war

being setup to fail by the global rich countries who curiously host the
shadowing banking clubs of Wall St, City of London, Berlin and other big
burses around Europe.

Private money needs to cycle and hide as public inquiry, digs deeper with
passing desperation mounts unemployment, hunger, loss and real hurt

Like the Swiss at the end of the Second World War set-up a leading, powerful
and most of all private, global financial giant.

At the end of the Cold War and the start of the new cold war in Climate
Change, the start of the Climate War, Denmark is positioning itself as a
leading soft power in the new economy of wind, wave, water and design in all
sustainabilty product and services lines throughout the world

with massive global adaption and mitigation systems needed for the
industrial revolution of the technofixes, created wants and genuine needs

Environmental Justice through worker

Posted: 06 Dec 2009 11:36 AM PST

Amazing “greening the ghetto” activist Majora Carter explains environmental
justice and the impetus behind Sustainable South Bronx

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