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Hi Everyone,
I have recently been making a serious effort to keep up with this list, and wanted to add a thought about open-source and the future of knowledge.
I'll admit, at first, I wanted to be annoyed with Evan-I was thinking in the "normal" mindset, that copyrights are good, Bill worked hard on that manual….
but I watched the Richard Baraniuk video. It's good.

This is the future. And we are lucky to have Evan in our midst, who is thinking about Permaculture, and sharing the knowledge IN THE FUTURE.

two things that got me thinking this is a good thing-moving pics and links within the document, and cutting out the middleman, a 22$ textbook!
I used to work in printing, started with a man that still did cut and paste and ran a press, and had ink all over him at the end of the day. He was older, and never did get into the digital age. But now, most printing is digital.  So things DO move forward.
I do understand that maybe Mr. & Mrs. Mollison don't even want to think about digitizing and 100 languages etc. (the older you get the more you'll understand.)
But I think there is a time coming, and a set of people coming, that WILL be the ones to do it.
Evan, in some circles, if you suggest it, you're in charge :)
On that note, I have another comment, but will send in a separate email.
Thanks for all the good thoughts and ideas,
Peace,Isabel Crabtree


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I think one has to see this video if you want to understand *the future of
permaculture* knowledge tools and content.
How *we can and must* open permaculture knowledge up to hundreds languages
and people all over the world and bring it from the digital dark ages!
 Publishing on demand will cut out the middle men, save money, and open up
 Richard Baraniuk: Goodbye, textbooks; hello, open-source
recommended sites working in this direction appropedia.org

The obstacle is the Path.
-Zen Proverb

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