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I always wondered if keeping the phrasing of the third ethic - not being too specific - was also serving to forestall conflict about whether it meant "equal share" or "equal opportunity" (or the entire spectrum in between the two); i.e. it avoids political debate.  I see that as probably a good thing right now, as we/the world needs permaculture to appeal to as many people as possible (and very soon), but eventually - as population grows and consumption in rich countries remains high - we'll need to grapple with this more concretely.  It's great that there is such a large nation of permaculturists in the world trying out so many different types of alternative living and economy; perhaps by the time we need it there will be numerous well-developed options already in place.

Thanks to whoever brought this up - and everyone who has given such thoughtful answers,

SE Michigan permaculture guild

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Please tell me what is IDEP PmC???

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute
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I like the reformulation of the 3rd ethic by the IDEP PmC ressource book,
that is "care for the futur" which inludes people and consumption limit, and
introduces peak oil



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