[permaculture] Invisible Structures

Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
Sat Dec 5 13:34:31 EST 2009

Side by side corporations were developed so that a for profit corporation
could funnel money to a non-profit to support projects that they approved of
and to, at the same time, derive a tax benefit.

So you have Ford Corporation developing the Ford Foundation, or Kellogg
Corporation developing the Kellogg Foundation both corporations fund their
foundations with the understanding that the foundations are not going to
support programs that run counter to the corporation's mission. 

This type of structure was introduced into permaculture as a means of
protecting assets.  If a non-profit owns everything and leases those things
as a means of raising money, ie a backhoe, to permaculturalists the backhoe
could not be seized in case of a suit against the leasing operator.

This is a short answer and I will respond to further examples off list.

The main idea is to use those invisible structures that have been developed
by large corporations so that we are protected by that self serving umbrella
used by the big boys.  Easier than inventing and then legally defending
structures that we originate.  It is a legal form of Jujitsu. 

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute

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I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with some information about side by
side corporations. By that I mean having an s corporation and a 501
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