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paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Sat Dec 5 10:49:06 EST 2009


Permaculture covers so many topics and so many people have so many
different parts that touch into their true passions that ... well ...

I have to admit that while I find HUGE value in this list, sometimes I
am in the same boat as you:  trying to separate the wheat from the
chaff.  And sometimes other people's wheat is my chaff.

As much as I'm addicted tot this list, I generally like forums better
than mailing lists.  Cuz then it's easier for me to pick out the stuff
I like from the stuff other folks like.  The trick is that you gotta
stop by once in a while rather than have the stuff pop up in your

There are two healthy permaculture forum communities that I'm aware of:


As the evil tyrant of the second one, I have a forum called
"meaningless drivel" and I try to move chit-chatty stuff to that
forum.  And, I think you will find very few discouraging words on the
forums, because I delete that sort of thing pretty quick.

In all fairness, the australian forum is excellent and I pop out there
from time to time myself.  But, what can I say, I'm an information

On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 8:32 AM, Ana Picanco <a.picano at ca.rr.com> wrote:
> When I subscribed I thought I'd be I invited to a "forum" of sorts,
> that I wouldn't be recieving every thought as email. Is this the only
> means to being part?
> Thank you,
> Ap
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