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   Permaculture TV - What are Open Green Maps ? <http://permaculture.tv>

   - What are Open Green Maps ? <#1255b8524fe918ae_1>
   - 10 000 Trees - Carbon Farming Mostly in Soil, Partly in
   - 10 000 Trees planetary permaculture strategy for Climate
   - Permaculture TV in Copenhagen for Klimaforum09 and
   - The Incomparable Fossil Fuel Combustion Vehicle <#1255b8524fe918ae_5>
   - Climate Interactive <#1255b8524fe918ae_6>

  What are Open Green Maps

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 10:03 PM PST

Wendy Brawer <http://EcoCultural.info>, founding director of Green Map
System <http://www.greenmap.org/>, discusses her efforts to provide the
public with green resources

 We’ll be presenting at various forums surrounding COP 15, the United
Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December. Watch this post for

Source: GreenMaps <http://www.greenmap.org/greenhouse/en/cop15>

10 000 Trees - Carbon Farming Mostly in Soil, Partly in

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 09:30 PM PST

Funded by a global carbon tax of 100 Euro per tonne of C02, most of the
carbon will be sequestered in the soil around the perennial polyculture,
agroecology of the 10 000 Trees planetary permaculture program.

 Tony Andersen of the International Permaculture Council and organiser of
Klimaforum09 talks about the global permaculture strategy of 10 000 Trees
more on http://www.Klimaforum09.org

Tony Andersen, Klimaforum09 organiser and member of International
Permaculture Council explains the relationship between 10 000 Trees and Soil

   - 10 000 Trees per person
   - 1 tonne of C02 per person per year
   - 100 Euro per tonne global Carbon tax

      Global Carbon Stocks (Gt C)


( 109 ha)
Vegetation Soil Total  Biome

      Tropical forest 1,76 212 216 428  Temperate forest 1,04 59 100
159  Boreal
forest 1,37 88 471 559  Tropical grassland 2,25 66 264 330  Temperate
grassland 1,25 9 295 304  Deserts/semideserts 4,55 8 191 199  Tundra 0,95 6
121 127  Wetlands 0,35 15 225 240  Croplands 1,60 3 128 131

        Total 15,12 466 2011 2477

   10 000 Trees planetary permaculture strategy for Climate

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 06:40 PM PST

Tony Andersen, Klimaforum09 organiser talks about the 10 000 Trees Strategy
as a practical response to Climate Justice

 Nicholas Roberts <http://gaiapermaculture.com/people/niccolo>,
Permaculture.TV <http://../>
travelling to Copenhagen (Dec 5th to Dec 21st) primarily for
Klimaforum09 <http://www.klimaforum09.org/>, with a special interest in
covering the “Planetary Permaculture <http://../?p=1114>” or “Gaia
Permaculture <http://gaiapermaculture.com/projects/gaiapermaculture>”
currents running through the program.

As you can see from the Klimaforum09 online
the International Permaculture Council <http://www.inpermcou.org/> and listen
kind of read in “Planetary
Permaculture: A Global Strategy for Climate Change - Tony Andersen of
Klimaforum09 <http://../?p=1114>” one of the key organisers of Klimaforum, Tony
Andersen <http://www.climateforum09.org/Organiser-We-just-had-to-do?lang=en>,
is a Danish architect (in cooperative design, the Scandanavian participative
or user-centered design
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User-centered_design>tradition) and
permaculturalist since the 1980s.

Klimaforum is part of a global permaculture design process that seeks to get
activists and grassroots talking and working together, the research, develop
and implement a radical, democratic, planetary permaculture program which is
called 10 000 Trees: A Practical Strategy for Climate

*Klimaforum09 as Gaian User Centered Design*

*From the 10 000 Trees document, we get the outline of the project; *

   1. THE 1 TON CO2 10.000 TREES PROJECT - overview of the problem and the
   2. Permaculture - the idea, practice and global and local success
   3. Climate Change - the massive catastrophic problem
   4. Carbon sink - a new category for locking, permanently ecology as
   carbon sinks in forest and soil
   5. More than 10,000 TREES per. person per. lifetime - a requirement for
   local-global perennial polycultural replanting
   6. Less than 1 TON CO2 pr. person pr. year - global energy descent and
   emissions reductions targets
   7. The U.N. Climate Conference 2009 / COP 15- the failure of the official
   process, danger of carbon finance
   8. Parallel activist and grassroots Conference - Klimaforum as
   user-centered permaculture design
   9. The Permaculture network - massively expanding a global, democratic,
   locally-controlled permaculture network

 Its a radical scaling-up of the what the Transition Towns
to “take responsibility for action and then unleash the creative
that resides within us personally and collectively in our communities”.

Transition Towns focus on the level of small-towns. While the Klimaforum is
operating globally, with grassroots and activists working together to
unleash their own creativity within a commonly understood framework for
radical global permaculture.

TECHNICAL NOTE: Ben Brangwyn of Transition Movement points out Technical
point - Transition Initiatives exist in rural areas, villages,
towns and cities. Am interested to know how the ideas of re-localisation can
work on larger scales such as cities, such as Los Angeles.

*Klimaforum09 “Gaia Permaculture” Events*

   - Tuesday 8th, 10-12am, Venue 4, Title: From activist to grassroots
   (120), Organisation: Permaculture International, Contact: Tony
Andersen - Klimaforum
   - Thursday 10th, 1pm-3pm, Venue 6, Title: 10.000 threes (120),
   Organisation: Permaculture International, Contact: Tony Andersen -

*Klimaforum09 Features*

   - a forum where activists start working with grassroots
   - network for activists/grassroots to design a user-centered, radical,
   global permaculture project for Climate Justice
   - becomes an ongoing network from which practical actions meet radical
   - does not just work for climate change, it works for systems change
   - *An international grassroots/activist radical permaculture network is
   created and sustained. *

   Permaculture TV in Copenhagen for Klimaforum09 and

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 05:08 PM PST

I am flying to Copenhagen from Los Angeles on Friday (assuming no reversals)
will be covering Klimaforum09 and the Copenhagen Climate
Complex/Circus/Bizarre/Conference (take your pick)

[image: Mondragon Graffiti]

Mondragon Graffiti

I will be primarily doing research and interviews for Permaculture TV,
focussing on the 10 000 Trees Strategy for Climate
authored by Tony
the International
Permaculture Council <http://www.inpermcou.org/>

*as far as I can tell, the 10 000 Trees Strategy for global or planetary
permaculture is the ONLY geo-engineering solution possible*

will also be researching and interviewing for the Gaia
permaculture <http://permaculture.tv/?p=1114>) project and the Permaculture
Cooperative project

am also involved with Climate Camp TV <http://climatecamp.tv/>, WiserEarth
Copenhagen <http://www.wiserearth.org/group/copen> and now the GaiaSpace
Meshwork <http://global.gaiaspace.org/global/> social networking system for


“What is Klimaforum09?” an interview with Tony Andersen Klimaforum09

“Saving the Planet With Permaculture” or “Planetary Permaculture: A Global
Strategy for Climate Change - Tony Andersen of Klimaforum09″

“What the F$%k is Geoengineering?”

more on Klimaforum09 on Permaculture TV

Klimaforum09 Mandate - Local permaculture people create Gaia Permaculture

Map of Copenhagen Climate Complex - Places and Events

*Permaculture Cooperative*

more on the Permaculture Cooperative project

my profile/resume: Nicholas Roberts

Bill Mollison on Mondragon Permaculture

Photos of Mondragon Cooperative tour

Photos of Mongragon (town of Arrasate) in Basque Country

*Other Stories*

State of the USA Organics Industry - interview with Dr Phil Howard, MSU

McGaia - corporate permaculture - family friendly geo-, genetic & socially
engineered organic perennial polyculture

The Corporate Climate Coup

Democratic Carbon, Carbon Dictatorship & the Climate Circus


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The Incomparable Fossil Fuel Combustion

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 04:03 PM PST

Gazolina is sent out by Dr. Ego to finish her fossil fuel combustion task. -
Will she succeed?

 Watch the 4th episode of The Elements!

Source: The Elements <http://www.youtube.com/user/homeoftheelements>

Climate Interactive<http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/permaculture/EHmn/~3/DrfoacccRUw/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email>

Posted: 03 Dec 2009 03:41 PM PST

The Climate Scoreboard Video <http://vimeo.com/7901109> from Climate
Interactive <http://vimeo.com/user2239247> on Vimeo <http://vimeo.com>.

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