[permaculture] 3rd ethic; was: What I hope to achieve from this list ?

Evan Schoepke thejulianeffect at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 05:34:57 EST 2009

lol, Gosh people really think i'm a commie... okay here we go

Can you elaborate on this?
> what the hell is "the so called middle class hobby smear"
> outlandish..

The middle class hobby smear is something I've heard and seen from time to,
it is outlandish, and wrong. It relates to people smearing permaculture
solely as a "middle class hobby" because of a lack understanding or backlash
against the price of access to permaculture knowledge and experience being
too high (which it sometime is).  What I was saying is the 3rd ethic of fair
share fights this smear because it encourages people to give back perhaps by
setting up permaculture guilds to give free or sliding scale donation
classes or materials.

> So, you say _who_ owns it? and individuals cannot do _what_ with it?

I'm not saying anyone owns it or that individuals can not do whatever they
want with it.

I was saying that the 3rd ethic (fair share) guards against permaculture
being used *"soely"* *(*the key word here) for individualist ends, not that
individualist ends are bad entirely, but if that was it then there would be
no hope of effecting lasting change on society.  My apologies for that being
pretty unclear.  Let me state once and for all that I have not beef with
Bill Mollison, Tagari, the permaculture movement and how it's organized, or
any individual on this list serve.  I think everyone here is inspiring and
I'm sure is doing great work.  Bill is a amazing naturalist and hero of mine
and if anything *I owe him*.  I poured some fire on the whole copyright
debate because I believe it would be beneficial for Tagari to come out of
the digital dark ages, get the Designers Manual translated into a hundred
different languages, make a lot more money, and spread permaculture at a
unimaginable pace,

well take care and fair share,


The obstacle is the Path.
-Zen Proverb

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