[permaculture] 3rd ethic; was: What I hope to achieve from this list ?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 4 04:28:57 EST 2009

Evan Schoepke wrote:
> It also acts as a safe guard against permaculture being used
> solely for individualistic ends (the so called middle class hobby smear).

Can you elaborate on this?

what the hell is "the so called middle class hobby smear"
hobby smear? outlandish..

So, you say _who_ owns it? and individuals cannot do _what_ with it?

.. seems the previous "commie entitlement" ownership and ordinary 
individuals not in the loop can't do whatever they want with it applies.

permaculture can't be used "for individualistic ends" (amazing 
statement) as individuals can't do whatever they want with it solely in 
their own lives and on their own property, can't even think about it any 
way they choose

seems like commie disenfranchisement

not expecting a reply but would be interested in one

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