[permaculture] What I hope to achieve from this list ?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 3 21:21:51 EST 2009

Permaculture Cooperative wrote:

> in my view, the Masdar City project is NOT permaculture because it neglects
> Fair Share. It's a walled-city for elites. If you disagree, then please
> explain why ?

True enough but it still is a massive construct and needs free reign 
input from permaculture visionaries like Mollison, Holmgren and possibly 
Lawton, to make it work ecologically and be sustainable. If the building 
contractors are left to do the landscaping they might well do a good job
but without permaculture principles incorporated into the design it will
not be complete and could fail during or after climatic crises or from
disuse and neglect. It has to be a massive community garden that people 
will want to immerse themselves in; it could be a community builder if
it allows interaction with the public, rather than an isolated corporate 
monolith. Community input could consist of maintenance workdays, 
installation of new features and plantings and an ongoing design process
allowing for changes to be made in the overall site. They could have a 
module, an interesting eco-sensitive building on the shoreline, with a 
good view and a restaurant serving food produced on site.

Here is some stunning artwork, retro future, that might serve as 
inspiration for any designers working on the project.



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