[permaculture] Great Doc. on American Anarchism featuring Starhawk

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It's been my experience with the very few authentic anarchists I've met,
that they are more capable of self-governance than most human beings. In
many ways it think, the Founding Fathers were hoping for a nation of people
who were capable of self-governance. Maybe they got a few of them, anyway.


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A Peace of the Anarchy! <http://www.punkrockpermaculture.com>

This fim features two personal heroes of mine antiwar activist Kathy Kelly
and permaculture teacher and eco-activist Starhawk.
I feel this is a decent documentary that dispels the many myths about
anarchist being violent, intolerant, jerks, who can't get their shit
together.  The anarchists I know are generally very peaceful, understanding
and kind, and quite well organized but a bit isolated.  They're isolated
because they're misunderstood and because of years of government repression,
propaganda, and spying.  Many of them are practically minded and *a very
large number* are into permaculture in significant ways which is great!  In
fact the three ethics of permaculture very succinctly some up the ethics of
anarchism, how interesting?

~evan (@gaiapunk)

-- P.S. also mentions punk which is sweet too!

The obstacle is the Path.
-Zen Proverb

I write at www.punkrockpermaculture.com
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