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Scott Vlaun scott at moosepondarts.com
Thu Dec 3 15:08:02 EST 2009

A couple things that worked well for me when I gardened in the desert  
in NM, USA: One was to use old boards as mulch over newly sown beds  
until the seeds germed, so no additional water was needed. I'd then  
use them wherever possible over mulch to keep things moist but not  
fry them like black plastic which is nasty business anyway.

I would also tarp compost piles after rains to hold the moisture for  
as long as possible.

How much rain do you get?

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On Dec 3, 2009, at 2:37 PM, Rain Tenaqiya wrote:

  I did position myself near trees and forest, so I have a lot of  
organic matter I can haul in, and I am currently doing this for the  
fifth year, one wheelbarrow of leaves at a time.  However, the dry  
infertile soil has relatively little life in it and the leaves are  
taking a long time to decompose and integrate into the soil.  All my  
new plantings will have forest soil mixed in first, to speed up the  
process, despite the permaculture preference for top dressing.  If I  
had enough
  water to overhead irrigate like mad all Summer (or if I lived in a  
more humid climate), I bet I would have much quicker results.

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