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I am a little confused by Morgellons.
I personally don't believe that people should eat any food that has a toxic 
I.E., only food grown without pesticides is worth eating, in my books.
In a store, that usually means organic or transitional.
Why support the poisoning of the land?

As to which crops are gmo, that is something to look up vis a vis U.S.
Information would be different in Canada.
I have been a part of a GE free group and could at some point access this 
information, though.
Perhaps, though, it would be more fruitful were you to look up your local GE 
free group.
They may need your voice to count in the resistance to more GMO crops, as 
well as the attempt to rescind permissions for those that exist.
There is a very telling piece in the film "The World According to Monsanto".
They show a VP Bush at the Monsanto plant. The scientist is indicating that 
it is up to the govt. to create the rules for permission to grow these 
And the govt. in the person of Bush is expressing only that they are in 'the 
deregulation business'.
An incredible moment.  On film.


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> fdnokes at hotmail.com wrote:
>> Yes, it certainly is serious, isn't it?
>> Frances
>>> What crops produce this condition and what foods is it found in?
> Again, do you have any information on how to avoid foods with gmo that
> might cause this condition. I'll google it also but I'd be interested in
> seeing what we can come up with here.
> What foods from which crops? brands, types of foods?
> dirtfarmer out ...:
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