[permaculture] Overly optimistic permaculture attitude towards land

fdnokes at hotmail.com fdnokes at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 3 13:44:08 EST 2009

If you watch a calligraphy master make a lifetime's work look
> easy, and then get pissed off when your first brushwork is a mess, I
> don't think it's fair to blame the master.

These are all great points, and beautifully expressed.
But, I also have a sense from my experience with learning new things and 
using the internet and list serves as a support, that it takes all kinds, 
and we are best served by a measure of tolerance, understanding and 
encouragement to those who are at a different rung on the ladder.
Aren't these types of lists meant to fulfill the needs of mentorship as much 
as anything else?
When a person strikes out on a path that is different from those that 
surround them, the internet can provide a great support group. I feel very 
strongly about the value of this aspect of the internet. It has made all the 
difference to me,  while working my way through a variety of disciplines. In 
the process I have even made a few life long friends.
If this list is not meant to do that: foster respectful discussion among 
those with experience while providing support and encouragement to newbies, 
please point me to the list that is.


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