[permaculture] Svar: Re: Svar: Re: Genetic Glass Ceiling

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 3 04:36:58 EST 2009

Thomas Paul Jahn wrote:

> But what is really a concern is the fact that Agros can infect human cells. And genetically modified Agros (GMOs) can potentially do the unforseen.

Pretty scary and a god reason to err on the side of caution and 
scrupulously avoid taking any risks whatsoever with gmo's in food and 
possibly in other products.. Then there is also the issue of 
nanoparticles, used in some cases to deliver substances, i.e. theraputic 
agents, to the body and the fact they can become airborne, case in point 
microparticle of toxic waste, i.e. heavy metals, incorporated in 
filtered, i.e. scrubbed, power plant smoke using newer, more efficient 
and effective technologies, currently in place at some coal burning 
power plants around the world (this from an old NPR interview I heard).

> The implications then are even much much broader than just in the commercialization of GMO crops. 
> The devil then is in all the laboratories using Acrobacterium induced transformation all over the world. 
> As agrobacterium induced transformation is a tool for basic research, it will continue to be employed, 
> regardless the commercial interest. 

Didn't you mean to say "with considerable commercial interest the profit 
motive dominates yet again over assessment and consideration of any 
risks to public health and safety".

And because these organisms escape from the laboratory.....

Why should that be allowed? Who gives these people permission to be so 
utterly irresponsible?

Everybody working in labs knows that there is no waterrproofed 
precautions to prevent that.

They should not be doing any of that research or product development if 
they cannot be assured of complete safety for themselves and the public
with their experiments.

"I won't be fooled again" - The Who.


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