[permaculture] Masdar City - Dubai’s Debt and false permaculture Paradise

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 2 16:14:04 EST 2009

I assume you support what's going on there; unbelievable that Geoff 
Lawton would attach his name to this project:

Permaculture Cooperative wrote:
> Will walled permaculture paradise Masdar City - the Zero Emissions
> corporate, high-tech, green-zone in Abu Dhabi - be effected by the debts of
> co-federated city-state of Dubai?
> http://permaculture.tv/masdar-city-dubais-debt-and-corporate-permaculture-paradise/

This forum is for those who choose to pull themselves up by their own 
bootstaps, embrace permaculture and/or serious farming in their lives, 
practicing it actively throughout their homesteads and communities, 
becoming free thinkers, self-sufficient and independent, for the benefit 
of themselves, their families, their communities and their bioregions.

Why is hearing about Dubai of any use to us here? What do you hope to 
accomplish in this forum?

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