[permaculture] Fwd: Permaculture TV - The Real Dirt On Farmer John

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Tue Dec 1 08:06:53 EST 2009

On 1/12/09 2:43 PM, "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <venaurafarm at bellsouth.net>

>> I haven't seen this movie, but I've read the reviews. I was unaware that
>> he'd inherited a great farm and nearly crashed it. That is inexcuseable.
> Of course it is and that's why we are in such a fix now with lost of
> farmland and farms and soil and environmental quality.

Hey guys, why don't you see the movie before commenting...
The story of Farmer John is a success story for Community Supported
Agriculture and organics. The family farm went bust due to a lot of factors
and he leant from it, started again and turned things around on a smaller
parcel growing organic veg. He's a lovable eccentric. I met him here in
Australia a couple of years ago at a screening of the movie and was on a CSA
discussion panel following the film.
Inspiring and entertaining.


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