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Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 1 03:48:28 EST 2009

ktho at comcast.net wrote:

> Have you seen Berea College? Except for the heavy Christianity, it is a
> work-study college - no tuition. It's the work-study model I think could
> work for trade schools for farmers. Sterling College in VT is another good
> example.

I have heard of Berea but know nothing about it. The religious 
atmosphere could be a good thing if it is not intrusive (invasive...)
but encourages spiritual enlightenment along with gaining an education, 
and experience. A monastery or convent - like institution, without the 
requisive taking of vows or even abstinance necessarily, could be a good 
thing. For those not interested in marraige or family this could be a 
good route, one that certainly connects them to the past. Religious 
orientation could be any of the following, Islam, Catholicism, 
Protestantism (Episcopal, Presbyterian and Methodist faiths are already 
deeply involved with this sort of thing as far as I know), Buddhism,
Hinduism, Bahai (I don't know where the apostrophe goes), Krishna, North 
American Indian religion, Baptist and many others faiths.

These are factors to keep an aye on when working out a personal and 
family or group survival plan:

Climate change, ramifications of

Massive economic and political change with accompanying military aspect

Access to health care

Access to food, tools and equipment, fuel and energy, basic resources
needed on a homestead (urban, suburban or rural).



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