[permaculture] Geoff Moxham - tragic accident

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Sun Aug 30 05:17:38 EDT 2009

Geoff Moxham 
BSc., Ind. Arts (technology)

³The forest that Geoff Moxham saved in 1979 and that he so dearly loved
claimed his life last Thursday afternoon, 27/8/09. Geoff was on his own,
high up in the forest, collecting trees to use as rafters for his new kiln
shed roof and the tree he was sawing fell away from him but it was connected
by very thick vines to a skinny tree directly behind him.

³As the main tree fell, the vine must have snapped the 5 metre top off the
skinny tree (still about 10cm diameter) and we think it struck him on the
back of the neck. The tractor was still running right next to him so he
probably didn¹t hear the tree snap and fall, as well as the crash from the
tree he was felling.

³He was found in the Œyogic position for exiting the body¹, with arms
crossed on his chest, mouth closed and eyes open so we presume he had enough
time to do his Tibetan death practice.

³We are all very upset obviously and it will be a huge loss for everyone.
But we take heart in his inspiring life and that he was well practiced for
this transition. If you wish to see what he was working on you can visit his
website at http://www.bodgershovel.com. That site will also be a source for
ongoing pictures and information as we make more of his work and info
available over the coming years. ³
 - Jay (Geoff¹s brother)

I struggle with my disbelief, and inability to imagine the absence of our
dear friends and colleague, Geoff Moxham.  Geoff has been a friend for so
long, I¹ve lost count of the years. We worked together on LETS and the
launch of the LETS currency notes in the Œ90¹s. Then when Geoff created his
parabolic reflector he started bringing it to Djanbung Gardens for special
events and open days. Over the past 4 years Geoff has conducted annual
workshops here as part of the Accredited Permaculture Training appropriate
technology module, and was a valued member of the Bioregional Campus
faculty. With a background in Industrial Design, Geoff was renowned for his
experiments and innovative solutions in sustainable technologies. Geoff
walked his talk, living a low impact lifestyle and treading softly on the
We will miss him as friend, colleague and active member of the community.
We feel blessed to have had our lives enriched by Geoff¹s presence and know
his legacy will live on in the hearts and hands of those he has taught and
Robyn Francis

Here is an article by Geoff published on our web site last year on biochar
and terra preta.
Geoff Moxham - Terra PretaŠJagabar JagunŠ and a Carbon-Negative Future.

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