[permaculture] Fw: Permaculture with Penny Livingston-Stark in Turkey in September/October 2009

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hello friends,
there is permaculture course with penny livingston happening this
september in turkey. penny has got a very interesting practice of
regenerative pc that not only feeds us but also restores original
ecostystem. please read the full message bellow.
love to all and enjoy!
please help us spreading the word about this one via email and web networks that you are part of, thank you:)
'Modesty is dangerous: If we believe we are here to do something, if in fact we have the daunting task of turning around a system which appears destined not only to degrade, demoralize and dehumanize us, but to destroy the ecosystem in the process - we don't have time for outdated social customs. You need to tell me what you can do, what you are good at, how you can contribute to helping to make these changes. And i in turn need to tell you the same. Anything less endangers us. Anything less leaves one of us wondering why the other is not being clear, 'Are you unaware of your gifts? Are you unsure of them ? Am i wrong in estimating your ability?'     Paxus Calta

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Subject: Permaculture with Penny Livingston-Stark in Turkey in  September/October 2009

Dear all,

Greetings from Turkey!

With the hope of spreading permaculture seeds in Turkey, I invited one of the greatest permaculture teachers, Penny Livingston Stark to come and teach in Turkey. She accepted eagerly and we have been planning how we can best benefit from the experience and wisdom Penny brings.

Penny will be offering two courses while in Turkey. An 8-day rural course in Southern Turkey September 19-27, 2009 and a 4-day urban course in Istanbul October 8-11, 2009. Please find the invitation and registration form attached.

You are invited to come and explore together with Penny Livingston-Stark what we can do in our communities to start adapting in a positive way to the changing times we face in the future. 

What can we do to decrease our dependancy on resources imported from distant lands using increasingly expensive fossil fuels? Can we provide for our needs where we live? How can we clean water, turn waste into resources and fulfill a legacy that enrichens the lives of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with beauty, elegance, integrity, fun and love? How can permaculture help us live sustainable and healthy lives?

We can do it if we come together to learn the skills and cultivate a powerful and abundant vision for the future!

I look forward to learning together! 


"Whatever the problem, community is the answer"


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