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I agree that cattle are not the problem. Many years ago I worked in documentary films.? I had the chance to see a collection of material shot in Africa in the 1940's.?In one striking shot?the filmmaker had climbed a slight rise in the Serengeti and panned his camera 360 degrees.? The shot revealed that the Serengeti was covered with grazing animals from the foreground to the horizon in all directions.?this was an echo of the richness of life in the?Pleistocene.?You could barely see the ground it was so thick with animals.? In fact the Serengeti was an exquisite ecosystem that sequentially supported unimaginable volumes of grazing animals in a very stable way, along with the predators who fed on them.? That has always convinced me that cows are not the problem.? How we raise cattle certainly is a problem, but if we observe nature then I bet we can design for intense numbers of grazing animals.? In terms of greenhouse gases, those animals are simply part of the natural carbon cycle.? It is the additional stored carbon that we are putting back into the atmosphere that is the problem.? 

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Eating Meat Isn't Bad for the Planet, It's Our System of Raising the 
Animals That's Wrong

* By Eliot Coleman <http://www.alternet.org/authors/10926/>, Grist.org 

*"Targeting livestock as a smoke screen in the climate change 
controversy is a very mistaken path to take since it results in hiding 
our inability to deal with the real causes.  When people are fooled into 
ignorantly condemning the straw man of meat eating, who I suspect has 
been set up for them by the fossil fuel industry, I am appalled by how 
easily human beings allow themselves to be deluded by their corporate 

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