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Thumbs up to those who support children at the PDC courses.....we need some
of that here in New Mexico....does anyone out there know of a childrens
Permaculture based learning curriculum?

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> Subject: Permaculture Design Course plus Naturalist Immersion for Children
> at Camp Epworth
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> Dear Friends,
> Please pass this announcement on to other folks who might be interested in
> learning about this inspiring opportunity.
> Peace,
> Joan Ewing
>  and Wilton Duckworth
> Sponsored by Green Phoenix Permaculture
> PERMACULTURE is a set of tools and a process for designing a way to live
> sustainably within our ecosystems and our communities. It is based on
> observing nature and making connections
>  across disciplines and over
>  history, with the goal of meeting human
>  needs, while leaving the earth
>  healthier and more
>  abundant for future generations.
> A unique opportunity for families. While adults participate in a
> permaculture design course, children explore the natural world around them.
> An autumn to spring program which allows an opportunity to experience both
> programs through 3 seasons. Children ages 7 through 12 will be
>  accepted. Permaculture Design students are welcome with or without
> children. This is a standard, 72 hour permaculture certificate course.
> WHERE:  Epworth Camp and Retreat Center, High Falls, NY, 2 hours north of
> New York City, 15 minutes from the Trailways Bus station in Rosendale.
> WHEN: Six Weekends in 2009-2010. Resident students can arrive Friday
> evening. PDC classes and children's programs take place on Saturday and
> Sunday [Sunday for children of resident pdc students]
>  2009: October 10-11, November 7-8, December 12-13
>  2010: January 23-24, March 13-14, April 10-11
>  DESIGN COURSE: Coordinating teacher Kay McGrenaghan Cafasso, with Andrew
> Jones, Eric Toensmeier, Ethan Roland and other local guest teachers.
> NATURALIST IMMERSION FOR CHILDREN: Coordinating teacher, Krista Oarcea and
> a team of teachers,
>  assistants and mentors.
> Kay Cafasso is a certified permaculture designer, a permaculture design
> course instructor and natural builder specializing in earthen finishes and
> plasters for straw bale homes. She conducts many educational events and
> courses, and offers permaculture design services and consultation for home
> landscapes across the Northeast. She is inspired by the ability to recognize
> beneficial patterns of nature in order to regenerate life systems in all
> climates. Kay believes in thoughtful and holistic design of landscapes,
> agriculture, dwellings and communities.
> Krista Oarcea graduated from the Waldorf Institute at Sunbridge College in
> 1993. Krista founded and has taught for ten years the Morning Garden Home
> Nursery Kindergarten, where she guides children to discover the wonders of
> the earth and to attune to the
>  natural cycles of the year. She has led nature awareness programs for
> children at Vermont's Art of Mentoring and Red Fox Friends. She is an
> herbalist, wild-crafter, avid seedsaver and plant breeder, who mentors on
> cultivating land stewardship with children.
> Students will study permaculture principals, woven through a range of topic
> areas, using a variety of learning methods: lectures and interactive
> discussions, slides and films, design exercises and hands on activities.
> Each student will present a research project and a final design
> presentation.
> Topics Include: Climate systems, Sustainable Agriculture, Annual and Forest
> Gardening, Natural Building, Renewable Energy, Reading the landscape, Trees
> and Ecological  Regeneration, Water and Alternative Waste Systems,
> Bioremediation, Alternative Economies, Building Strong Communities and
> More...
> Daily Schedule will be generally 9am-5:30, with some Saturday evening
> programs.
> NATURALIST IMMERSION FOR CHILDREN: [For children ages 7 through 12]
> This unique program will provide a setting in which each child can rekindle
> his or her innate connection to nature in an inspiring, safe, fun way.
> Through nature-based games, arts activities and mentoring, children will:
> Learn permaculture design principals and stewardship ethics, develop an
> intimate, personal connection with nature,
>  explore tracking, species and the ecology of landscape and habitat,
> participate in sensory awareness activities, practice
>  journaling, drawing and painting, have lots and lots of fun!  Daily
> schedule will be generally 9am-5:30.
> COST: Tuition, Lodging, Food
> PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE: Sliding scale $800-$1500, with the possibility
> of paying $700 if you bring another person. This cost covers tuition,
> lodging and use of the facilities. Sliding scale is on an honor system.
> Please give generously if you are able. This will help us meet our expenses
> and possibly offer scholarships and work trade to students who cannot
>  afford the sliding scale. [Amounts between $1200-$1500 and over are
> considered a tax deductible donation.]
> Food: Food is potluck,
>  except for breakfasts, which are provided, and a welcome supper for
> travelers on Friday evening. Students will be requested to provide prepared
> food to cover specific meals and snacks for the group for Saturday and
> Sunday. We have a history of eating fabulous food.
> NATURALIST IMMERSION FOR CHILDREN:  Sliding scale $240-450 for Saturdays
> [Open to the community] for all 6 weeks. [This comes to $40-75/day]. Sundays
> [a small program especially for children of traveling permaculture
>  students] are also $240-450 [$40-75/day] for all 6 weeks. $480-900/weekend
> for all 6 weeks.
> As above, sliding scale is an honor system. Please give as generously as
> you are able to help us meet expenses and provide possible scholarships.
> Amounts over $450 are considered a tax deductible donation.
> Food: Parents will be asked to provide lunches for their children. [We will
> contact parents who are also traveling permaculture students as part of the
> design course potluck.]
> 1. In order to temporarily reserve a place in either program, please
> contact Joan Ewing at 845-687-7646 or mamajoane at yahoo.com and let me know
> that you want to register yourself for the pdc or your child for the
> children's program.
> 2. In order to secure your or your child's place, please send a $100
> deposit check,
>  payable to Green Phoenix Permaculture with the appropriate attached
> registration form to Green Phoenix Permaculture, 8 Epworth Lane, High Falls,
> NY 12440
> 3. Deadline:  Please send in the full amount [payable to Green Phoenix
> Permaculture] that you have agreed upon for either program in time to be
> received by us by September 27. After that date, the $100 deposit will be
> non refundable.
> CONTACTS: Joan Ewing and Wilton Duckworth 845-687-7646 or
> mamajoane at yahoo.com.  Feel free to contact us with questions. We can also
> refer you to other staff and teachers for specific questions.
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