[permaculture] I've found the real world to be much

Jeff toobeeorknottoobee at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 23:30:36 EDT 2009

Very true. I have become content with serious incremental lifestyle 
changes (like moving away from plastic packaging), while keeping my face 
down and watching life thrive. I now understand we have to go there 
together, that it is impossible as an island, and for me it is almost 
always best to keep my trap shut and lead by example. (or it is not that 
I lead but that I will no longer impede nature) At some level it is as 
though we are simply turning the pilot light back on. Testing nature, 
remembering. If the heat becomes necessary then each of us might add a 
small light. -Jeff

Rain Tenaqiya wrote:
>  "I've found the real world to be much more challenging than most people would believe."
> Yes, and I think our courses and writing should reflect this fact, instead of promoting instant pie in the sky.  Living sustainably is not easy.  I'm still waiting for the time I can be the reclining designer.  A lot of people regard me as pessimistic, but my attempt to live a permaculture lifestyle has shown me how idealistic (and maybe naive) I still am.  
> Rain
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