[permaculture] Rainwater harvesting pond story

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Thank you so much for your article. What will you do about mosquitos?


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Hi Guys,

On our tiny acreage farm (1.86 acres), we recently finished building a
3 stepped 3825 sq.ft. sized pond with a max depth of 22 ft. We had
three goals:

   1. Store water for irrigation needs during the dry-seasons (post
monsoon and then pre-monsoon)
   2. Conserve the constructed pits / wells / dams / hedges / whatever structure
   3. Storing run-away water / Retrieving stored water must be doable
using as little energy as possible

We rented out a backhoe excavator (JCB-3CX) and two tipper tractors
for this job.

http://wiki.sunson.in/rain_water_harvesting explains the design in
terms of satisfying these above three goals.

Please feel free to let out your comments!



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