[permaculture] new article: concerns about the way most people raise chickens

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Sun Aug 9 21:33:41 EDT 2009

> Under these conditions I often put chicks and
> their mom in the tractor for the first week (moving it daily) for more
> protection and better food supply.

I think a modified tractor makes for an excellent brooder!

> I've decided on a pastured paddock system but with one chicken coop for
> sleeping and laying for better predator protection (snakes are a bigger
> problem than ferrets) and more convenient egg collection.

What sorts of problems have you had with snakes?

> Notice that
> you don't comment on this option.

I made a small link to some stuff about predators.  I'm currently
fleshing the article out a bit more.

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