[permaculture] new article: concerns about the way most people raise chickens

Marjory forestgarden at gvtc.com
Wed Aug 5 12:32:06 EDT 2009

Hi Paul,

That is an excellent article.  I had a few good laughs recalling a 
similar journey we've been on.  The chicken tractor which was touted as 
the cure-all for everything turned out to be just too much work.  And 
the photos of poop and ripped up mulch!  LOL.  I too have come to the 
conclusion that rotating between four or so semi-permanent pens is the 
way to go for the next round of chickens we have.  At the moment we have 
a completely true free range flock which I invested time in getting them 
roosting and generally living in an area away from the house - yes, they 
normally would love to live and roost right by us and shit over 
everything if they could.   We have enough room for them to be away from 
us, and I raised them as chicks under the tree I wanted them to roost 
in.  I also use the ambitions of my young son and his BB gun to keep the 
chickens away from the house.  Any birds that cause trouble in the 
gardens or orchard or are mean, get eaten right away - and the entire 
flock does learn from that.  So I am pretty happy with my true range 
flock.  But if I ever need to setup somewhere else, I would do the 
rotating paddocks planted with periennials that feed the chickens. 

Thanks for the posting.


paul wheaton wrote:
> For years I've tried to tell people about stuff that I think is a bit
> of a better way to raise chickens. But it all comes out sounding like
> crazy talk. So for the last few weeks I've been trying to write it as
> one gob that gets the point across. I think this now gets the point
> across!
> http://www.richsoil.com/chickens.jsp
> Please tell me what you think!
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