[permaculture] was:Subject: Re: google satellite images, now: were they having an affair?

lynnann lynnann at newnorth.net
Sun Aug 2 14:04:01 EDT 2009

So...I'm really fascinated by the Google street view thing.  My husband 
was in NC visiting his dad, it's an urban area, so I zoomed in for 
"street view" of his house...just for fun...(I know it's not real 
time...but just to "feel" closer). 

Anyway, I'm "driving" down the road FIL lives on and came to a stop sign 
next to another "car" with two folks in it...both visible and both with 
astonished looks on their faces....It occurred to me that they might 
have been "caught in the act" and now it's there for the world to 
see....I've also used it to "see" a place I might be visiting and when I 
get there...it's just as if I've been there before.......mmmm (no I 
don't have too much time on my hands...it's what I do when I can't sleep 
and want to stop thinking about all the troubles of life..it really 
takes me away)...just thought I'd throw some levity into the 
discussion...love and peace..lynnann

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