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christopher nesbitt christopher.nesbitt at mmrfbz.org
Sat Aug 1 17:22:43 EDT 2009

That would explain the high resolution on the border. I kind of  
doubted sleepy little San Pedro Columbia was strategically important.

Thanks for the information!
On Aug 1, 2009, at 11:50 AM, sean forde wrote:

> The images that you see in Google maps/earth are obtained from various
> sources. Broadly speaking, most of the imagery either came from  
> satellites,
> or from cameras mounted on airplanes.
> The satellite images are low resolution (low level of detail), but  
> cover the
> entire earth. The aerial images are high resolution, but only cover  
> specific
> portions of the earth where observations airplanes were paid to fly.  
> There
> are some US government programs (specifcally NAIP) that charter  
> airplanes
> for just this purpose every few years, in order to make aerial  
> observation
> of agricultural land available. Google pays for this imagery, and  
> makes it
> available in Google Earth. It also purchases aerial imagery from other
> sources.
> However, there are still some places for which there are no aerial  
> photos.
> No government (fed,state, or local) has in interest in shelling out  
> bucks to
> photo. Many rural and wild places fall into this category, "below the
> radar". In addition, sometimes the datasets get screwed up, and  
> leave holes.
> It is unlikely that you land has been purposely "redacted" from  
> Google Earth
> due to government edict. It is much more likely that it has just been
> omitted.
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