[permaculture] Trends in America

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I think there are many of us that have land that we will need to share in 
the future (near and distant) with people with skills and work ethic.  I 
have been working on my 54 acres for 6 years now and it is nowhere near a 
finished product.  I have had several employees over the last few years. 
None of them would be allowed to live here or be a renter.

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> As long as we are in the conversation.  I didn't set out to purchase
> land for a permaculture farm, but I am a single woman who was raised
> in the city until I was about 30 (now 52), and have 55 acres (30
> woods -- 25 open) in northwestern Wisconsin, with some sheep, llamas,
> chickens, etc., and am very interested in creating more opportunities
> to utilize more of the land for sustainability.  I have a room for
> rent in my 100 year-old farmhouse to a non-smoking woman who is
> interested in producing food from this land, making some sustainable
> changes, and living in a wonderful rural community.  The community is
> eco-friendly, and there are several small start-up sustainable farms
> around.  If anyone knows of someone interested in this opportunity,
> please have them contact me privately.  It could be a seasonal
> rental, or year-round.
> Nancy
> On Oct 29, 2008, at 11:53 AM, KSantoyo wrote:
>> In response to Isabel's original post- not sure what the problem is?!
>> People buying up land and wanting to create a place where people can
>> come learn about growing and living together- ohmigosh- that's
>> horrible!
>> So what if they don't have the skill sets yet...it sounds like they
>> know enough to seek help from people who know more than they
>> do...Isn't that what this whole process is about -education? Learning
>> so that one can become more capable and able to better contribute to
>> the health of the whole?
>> What a resource these new landowners are offering to those who wish
>> they had a place to go get some hands-on experience, or simply
>> practice their passion and skills...
>> As Trudie alludes to, imagine roving bands of skilled permaculturists-
>> permaculture gypsies!- moving from site to site, living for a while in
>> the community, and helping people get their systems properly set up-
>> seems like that would be a good thing...
>> to the good green road,
>> Kathryn Santoyo
>> earthflow.com
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>> Hi Everyone,
>> I admit, I do not keep up with this list nearly as much as I would
>> like
>> to, but I'd like to start a discussion about a trend I see, and
>> perhaps
>> how to alter it, or harness it, or ???
>> I live in a southern state, so we are fairly far behind in
>> Permaculture,
>> as in, classes being taught, and interest in general.
>> I am a new Permaculture teacher, trying to get the word out, and my
>> partner and I will be student teaching our first design course this
>> winter.
>> What I have noticed here in our southern state is a trend of fairly
>> wealthy couples, or single middle aged women, who "decide" to start a
>> farm, eco-village, or other farm related business, with little prior
>> knowledge. They go buy the land with little realization of what to
>> look
>> for, realize that it's a lot of work, and then want someone to come
>> "assess" their land. Most of them want to host a class (mainly because
>> they are too busy to leave the farm) and hope that it will include
>> lots
>> of people planting trees for them. In other words, they want
>> someone to
>> come "DO" permaculture to their farm, and hope it won't cost much.
>> Generally they also hold down jobs in another town or they live part
>> time in another place. They had enough money to create the
>> beginning of
>> the dream but no clue how to sustain it or build it.
>> I don't want to come off sounding like a whiner here. But this is
>> happening over, and over and over here in my state. You can pretty
>> much
>> map them out, about 100 miles apart.
>> We are feeling very much pulled by every little wind as permaculture
>> teachers, so we are having to be very selective about what we do.
>> What I was wondering-I don't mean to just crab about it- is are any
>> other Permaculture Teachers out there experiencing this, and what
>> do you
>> tell folks, and how could we get them all together? Mind you it's a 5
>> hour drive from one end of the state to another
>> "
>> This is really, in my opinion, an indicator of our larger American
>> society in general. We have enough money to go off in our little
>> corner
>> and live, and we want others to "work for us", as we have come to
>> expect. (I don't think that, but I think American society in
>> general-or
>> at least upper and upper-middle class society does.)
>> Granted the tide seems to have turned, and people may be more serious
>> and honest about wanting to live simply and sustainably...
>> but I just wondered what my fellow Perm. folks out there are
>> experiencing, and how they are turning THE PROBLEM INTO THE SOLUTION.
>> Peace,
>> Isabel
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