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No Child Left Inside <http://www.nclicoalition.org/>

"Two surveys of parents of children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity 
Disorder have shown that performing activities in green settings can 
reduce the symptoms of AD/HD....Adding trees and greenery near homes and 
schools and encouraging kids with AD/HD to go outside may help 
supplement established treatments to improve functioning."  To learn 
more and to view the scientific study, visit our Nature Deficit Disorder 

///The No Child Left Inside Coalition is a broad-based organization made 
up of more than 600 member groups from across the United States. Our 
membership, which is growing steadily, includes environmental, 
educational, business, public health, outdoor recreation and 
conservation groups. With tens of millions of members represented, the 
NCLI Coalition speaks for a diverse group of Americans who believe young 
people should receive a strong education about their natural world.  
The Coalition's focus is passage of the federal //No Child Left Inside 
This legislation will authorize major new funding for states to provide 
high-quality, environmental instruction. Funds will support outdoor 
learning activities both at school and in non-formal environmental 
education centers, teacher training, and the creation of state 
environmental literacy plans./

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